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10 reasons why industrialised construction is the most sustainable way to build:
  1. Centralising processes saves energy.
  2. It reduces consumption and construction waste.
  3. Recycling processes are guaranteed.
  4. It generates economies of scale and efficient use of resources.
  5. Processes are streamlined.
  6. There is greater control at all stages of the process.
  7. Improved safety and working conditions compared to on-site works.
  8. Possibility of incorporating professionalised and specialised personnel.
  9. Possibility of incorporating women into the construction sector.
  10. Better insulated, waterproofed and more efficient houses are built.


Environmental sustainability

Local materials: we reduce time, costs and the carbon footprint.

We produce the vast majority of the materials we need. In addition, the raw material comes from the same area as our factory, the area with the best quality sands and gravels in the country, reducing time, costs and the carbon footprint. Moreover, we only use the materials we need, so there is no waste generated at the factory.

Economic sustainability

Systematisation, streamlining and increased productivity.

The systematisation of the entire construction cycle allows us to carefully streamline our product. We use the right quantities of specific materials, we standardise processes that allow us to increase productivity and maintain complete control both in the offices and in the factory, moving away from the improvisation of on-site work.

Sustainable concrete

Maximum durability, maximum sustainability.

Concrete, and in particular, concrete for industrialised elements, is a material that is highly durable and, therefore, a sustainable material to use. Moreover, through an industrial process, we are able to make concrete elements without the need to generate any waste or loss of material.

Concrete absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere during its life cycle and, as is well known, it is very durable. In addition, our technicians are constantly researching to improve CO2 absorption and to further improve its durability and sustainability

Social sustainability

Gender equality, equal opportunities and local talent.

We aim for gender equality in a sector that is highly masculinised. We incorporate young talent with roots in the region, as well as integrating vulnerable groups who do not enjoy the same opportunities and who, within the PMP Group, have the possibility of training, launching and holding a professional career.


In line with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, all homes from Prêt-à-porter casas incorporate state-of-the-art energy and consumption saving systems. In addition, we carefully study our projects to make the best use of natural resources.

Passive elements

  • High degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, in both facades and roofs.
  • High-performance carpentry and automatic blinds.
  • Fewer thermal bridges.
  • Reduced permeability.
  • Solar protection and control.
  • Openings to maximise energy gains.
  • Radon protection.

Active elements

  • Solar panel installation.
  • Heat recovery system.
  • Domestic hot water (DHW) production with aerothermal heat pump.
  • Cooling system with ducted aerothermal heat pump.
  • Smart home automation control.
  • Aerothermal heat pump heating system with underfloor heating.


Build with us and add sustainability to your projects like no one else can.
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